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Name: CB Riders

Province: Quebec

Languages: The group performs in French and English

Native tongue: French


  • Lisa Marie Beauchamp (Lead singer)

  • Carinne Boulé (Backup vocals)

  • Martin Calvé (Electric Guitar)

  • Dominique Couture (Acoustic Guitar)

  • Endrai  Dany (Drums)

  • Mark German (Bass)

Genre: Country rock

Years Active: 2019 - Present

Official Web site:


CB Riders is a Canadian country rock band who currently resides in the province of Quebec. 

The group was formed between December 2019/2020 and consists of Lisa Marie Beauchamp (lead singer), Endrai Dany (drummer), Carinne Boulé (Backup singer), Mark German (bass), Martin Calvé (electric guitar) and Dominic Couture (acoustic guitar). 

Before coming together, each band member was performing with other groups, either at a local or international level. 


As a member of the Cornerstone Choir, Lisa Marie performed with Josh Groban, a multi-platinum international singer-songwriter-composer, at the Scotiabank Place (now Canadian Tire Centre) and at the Ottawa Bluesfest, for Lyle Lovett, a country folk/jazz/blues/gospel singer-songwriter-composer and four times Grammy Award winner. She was also part of many classic rock/pop groups before joining CB Riders. CB Rider bandmate, Mark German, on the other hand, has performed locally and internationally for the Canadian troops, while Martin Calvé performed, for many years, at major key events with a metal rock band, which received many acclaims and success. Endrai Dany, Dominique Couture and Carrine Boulé, on their part, have played with many pop/rock formations, where they  performed at various municipal events and festivals.

CB Riders' influences are Shania Twain, Reba McEntire, Fleetwood Mac, Carrie Underwood, Doobie Brothers and the Eagles.

During concerts, the band enjoys playing their own compositions, including cover songs adapted to their own unique sound. The CB Riders Band is a dynamic, entertaining group, that will make you smile and dance. If you enjoy Country rock, you will definitely be delighted by their music. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at our next rendez-vous! 





C. Huard  |




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